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How it works

Reach and Wash System: HOW IT WORKS

The technique employed by Pureview is reach and wash cleaning system

This system allows windows to be cleaned from ground level without the use of any other access equipment such as ladders, cherry pickers, abseiling and hydraulic platforms and scaffolding towers.

Reach & Wash systems allow windows to be cleaned from the safety of the ground using long reaching, telescopic poles.

A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water rinse the window. The pure water, as it has no impurities, dries to a spot-free finish leaving no marks behind. Using The Reach & Wash system, modern window cleaning is no longer the dangerous job it once was.

There is no need to worry about water availability as our specially modified vans carry 600 litres of purified water to the site of the workplace. The pure water is then pumped from the van through the telescopic poles up to the windows.

Frequently asked questions

How often will you clean my Windows?

​This is entirely up to you. Whether you want a one off, annual or regular clean; we can fit in around your requirements. If you want a regular clean we can arrange how often you would like them cleaned and we can contact you prior to our visit if you wish us to.


Are you a Traditional or Water Fed Pole Cleaner?

We clean using a Water Fed Pole System (reach and wash). This decision was made having thoroughly considered the safety and overall quality of the two options.​


How does the Water Fed Pole system work?

At our base, normal tap water is run through our filtering system to purify the water. The system will take out all the impurities in the water that would normally leave streaks on your windows. This purified water is then pumped into a 600 litre tank stored in our van. When we arrive at your property, this water will be pumped from our van, through a hose to a telescopic pole with a brush that we use to clean your windows.

The windows are scrubbed clean with the brush and then rinsed down with the purified water. This system is completely self-sufficient, no electricity or water supply is required from your property.


Will my window frames be cleaned?

Absolutely. We will clean window frames every time we do your windows and this is included in the price.


Do I need to do anything after my windows are cleaned?

Not at all. Your windows will drip dry to an amazing sparkling finish.


How can I pay?

We can collect payment at time of clean either by Cash or M-pesa only.

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