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Carpet and Sofa Cleaning Services

Carpet and Sofa Cleaning Services


PUREVIEW CLEANING SERVICES provides the most professional carpet and Sofa cleaning services in Nairobi performed by professional cleaners. We offer carpet cleaning services for both commercial and residential clients.

Regular carpet and sofa cleaning from Pureview results in well maintained carpets and upholstery.

For Residential Carpets, we can either collect your carpet and clean it our site and return it when dry, or if permissible we can clean the carpet at your place.

By having your carpets cleaned regularly, you will be creating a healthier environment for you, your family and visitors. This will help in reduction of allergens, dirt and dust.

Reason why our clients chose us is because of the following;

  • Affordable carpet and sofa cleaning prices
  • Excellent carpet cleaning reputation
  • Word of mouth and recommendation is what drives our business
  • Friendly and reliable service
  • Pureview uses the latest carpet cleaning machine that gets rid of not only dirt but shampoo deposit and water from your carpet, this allows quick drying time and removal of any smell, as a result your carpet stays cleaner longer. Unlike traditional car wash carpet cleaners, they leave your carpet wet and smelly.

We also clean Sofas, don’t forget that too.

Give us a call on 0718 300 299 or send us an email for more additional information.

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